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Quinolones Enrofloxacin Hcl 112732-17-9

Quinolones Enrofloxacin Hcl 112732-17-9

Standard: EP/USP/CPV

Packing: 25kg/drum 

Enrofloxacin Hcl is used for mycoplasma disease, avian Escherichia coli disease, chicken pullorum, avian salmonellosis, avian pasteurellosis, piglet pullorum, yellow pullorum, medium and large pig edematous Escherichia coli disease, mycoplasma swollen bronchopneumonia, pleural pneumonia, piglet paratyphoid fever, As well as mycoplasma and bacterial diseases of cattle, sheep, rabbits, dogs, etc., can also be used for various kinds of bacterial infections of aquatic animals.

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