About Us

JoinedFortune Technology (Shenyang) Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of MEDICAL & HEALTH INTERNATIONAL GROUP CO., LTD. The parent company, established in 2004, is a factory with strong research and development capabilities and production scale in the fields of APIs, pharmaceutical excipients, health food raw materials, and food additives. To seek comprehensive development, the company established a subsidiary named JoinedFortune Technology (Shenyang) Co., Ltd.


JoinedFortune Technology (Shenyang) Co., Ltd specializes in a wide range of products that are widely applied in the fields of pharmaceuticals, pesticides, electronic chemicals, cosmetics, as well as in emerging areas such as semiconductors and lithium batteries. We collaborate with global leading chemical manufacturers to ensure the provision of the latest technology and highest quality products. Additionally, we offer customized services, providing specific specifications and blends of chemicals according to customer requirements.


We fully understand the importance of product quality to our customers, and therefore, we have established a strict quality control system. Our products undergo rigorous quality testing and certification to ensure compliance with international standards. We commit to providing our customers with reliable and safe products that meet their stringent demands.


We place great emphasis on long-term customer relationships and are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service. Our sales team consistently listens to customer needs and provides professional consultation and solutions. We also offer fast and reliable logistics services to ensure that products are delivered safely and promptly to our customers.


We sincerely invite you to join our family and explore the future of the chemical industry together with us. Whether as a supplier, customer, or partner, we are committed to providing you with top-quality products and services.

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