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Sucralose Powder CAS 56038-13-2

Sucralose Powder CAS 56038-13-2

Packing: 1kg/bag, 20kg/carton, 25kg/crton 
Free samples: 100g. 
Standard: FCC12, EP10, USP43
Expiry date: 2YEAR. 

Product Description

At present, the commonly used sweeteners in the food industry mainly include sucrose, saccharin, cyclamate, stevioside, aspartame, etc. Sucralose, as a new type of sweetener, has outstanding advantages and is highly respected and loved by food experts. The sweet taste of sucralose is very close to that of sucrose. It is very stable to heat, acid and alkali and has high safety. Under the situation of high sugar price, the use cost of sucralose is already lower than that of sucrose. It is one of the more ideal sweeteners in food production at present.

Sucralose sweetener is suitable for alcohol and alcoholic beverages. It has been proved by experiments that a small amount of sucrose trioxide can greatly improve the taste of wine products, cover up the sour and astringent feeling of some wine products, and make them taste fresh and sweet, mellow, harmonious and odorless.
Item Standard
Appearance White or almost white powder
Ident IR The IR absorption spectrum conform the reference spectrum
Ident HPLC The retention time of the principal peak in the chromatogramof the Assay preparation corresponds to that in thechromatogram of the Standard preparation
Ident TLC The Rf value of the major spot in the thin-layer chromatogramof the Sample solution is the same as that of the Standardsolution obtained in the test for Related Substances
Assay  98.0%-102.0%, calculated on the anhydrous basis
Specific Rotation +84.0~+87.5°
Clarity of solution Clear
PH (10% aqueous solution ) 5.0-7.0
Moisture ≤2.0%
Methanol ≤1 %
Ignited Residue ≤0.7%
Arscnic (As)≤3%ppm ≤3ppm
Heavy metalss ≤10ppm
Lead ≤1ppm
Related substances( Other chlorinated disaccharides ≤0.5%
Hydrolysis products( Chlorinated monosaccharides ≤0.1%
Triphenylphosphine oxide ≤150ppm
Total aerobic count ≤250CFU/g
Yeast & Moulds ≤50CFU/g
Coliforms Negative 
E. coli Negative 
S. aureus Negative 
Salmonella Negative 
Particle size 95% pass through 100mesh
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