Application of polyethylene glycol in drug delivery and cosmetics?

Application of polyethylene glycol in drug delivery
Polyethylene glycol is widely used in drug delivery. Due to its soft molecular chain, soluble in water and many organic solvents, polyethylene glycol can be used to wrap drug molecules and make it easier to enter human cells. This packaging form is called PEGylation, which is a commonly used drug modification technology.
PEGylation technology can make it easier for drugs to pass through biological membranes and enter cells, and prolong the half-life of drugs, thus improving the efficacy of drugs. In addition, PEGylation technology can also reduce the toxicity and side effects of drugs and make drugs safer to use.

Application of polyethylene glycol in cosmetics
Polyethylene glycol is often used as emollient, sunscreen, antistatic agent and emulsifier in cosmetics. The molecular chain of polyethylene glycol can help cosmetic ingredients to better penetrate the skin surface and improve the permeability and absorption of cosmetics. In addition, polyethylene glycol also has antistatic properties, which can prevent the appearance of static electricity in the use of cosmetics.
However, there are some disputes about the use of polyethylene glycol in cosmetics. Some studies have shown that long-term use of cosmetics with high polyethylene glycol content may have adverse effects on human health. Therefore, when selecting cosmetics, attention should be paid to the content of polyethylene glycol in cosmetics, and select products with reliable quality and high safety.

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