Application of polyethylene glycol?

Polyethylene glycol is also a food additive, commonly used in coating of candy and chocolate products. It can be used as coating agent in food. It can also be used in dispersants, carrier solvents, binders, plasticizers, coating agents, lubricants, and fragrance additives. PEG400 is most suitable for soft capsules. Because PEG400 is a liquid, it has wide compatibility with various solutions, and is a good solvent and thickener, and is widely used in liquid preparations, such as oral liquids. PEG is the material of choice when vegetable oil is not suitable as an active ingredient carrier. This is mainly because PEG is stable and not easy to deteriorate. In addition, it can also be mixed with high molecular weight (PEG) and its mixture has good solubility and good compatibility. PEG4000, PEG6000, PEG8000 are used in tablets, capsules, film coatings, pills, suppositories, etc. Due to the plasticity of PEG and its ability to improve the ability of the tablet to release drugs during the tablet making process, high molecular weight PEG (PE4000, PE6000, PEG8000) is very useful as an adhesive for making tablets. PEG can make the surface of the tablet shiny and smooth, and at the same time less susceptible to damage. In addition, a small amount of high molecular weight PEG (PEG4000, PEG6000, PEG8000) can prevent the adhesion between sugar-coated tablets and bottles.
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