The characteristics of sucralose and its application in food?

Sucrose is an important source of sweet food for people. It has the characteristics of high calorie and low sweetness. Long-term consumption will cause hidden dangers of obesity and hyperlipidemia. Therefore, it is necessary to combine scientific experience to actively develop low-calorie: high sweetness and Functional non-nutritive sweeteners better adapt to the development of the times. At present, sucralose is widely used, which is not only safe to eat, meets actual needs, but also has ideal storage time and calorie parameters.
01Physical and chemical properties
Sucralose is called sucralose, which uses sucrose to make non-caloric high-intensity sweetener substances. It is in the form of white powder and has the characteristics of odorless and non-hygroscopic. Organic solvents such as ethanol and methanol.
The solubility is 28.2g at room temperature 28°C. High stability in light environment, thermal environment and pH value change. The sweetness of sucralose is 600-800 times that of sucrose, and the sweetness is basically close to that of sucrose, which will not cause dental caries for the eaters. The aqueous solution of sucralose is clear and transparent, the pH of the aqueous solution is 5, the stability is high, and there will be no chemical changes after storage for more than 1a. The crystals will not change chemically after storage for about 4a, and the high temperature will not change the sweetness.
The scope of application of sucralose is becoming wider and wider, mainly due to its obvious advantages.
① Sucralose is highly safe and does not have any side effects. The AD value is 15mg/kg.
②Sucralose has a high sweetness, which is a relatively successful sweetener in current research and development projects. Its sweetness is about 600 times that of sucrose, and it is even sweeter than aspartame. Its own sweetness is relatively pure, and it will not An aftertaste of sucrose appears.
③The nature and performance of sucralose are relatively stable, and the crystalline product will be stored in a dry environment at 20°C for about 4a. The substance itself does not contain chemically active groups, and the probability of chemical reaction with other substances is small, so it can be used in the food ingredient processing system.
④ The sucralose aqueous solution has high chemical stability, and the sweetness of the aqueous solution will not change at high temperature, and it will not chemically react with the protein and pectin in the food.
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