Sweetener Sucralose

traditional sweetener-sucrose
Sweeteners refer to food additives that impart sweetness to food or feed. The sweetness of sweeteners cannot be quantitatively measured by physical or chemical methods. It can only be judged by people's sense of taste. In order to compare the sweetness of sweeteners, a sweetener such as sucrose is generally selected as a standard. The sweetness of other sweeteners is compared with it. Sweeteners are divided into nutritive sweeteners and non-nutritive sweeteners according to their nutritional value; nutritive sweeteners refer to a sweetener with the same sweetness as sucrose, whose calorific value is 2% of the calorific value of sucrose above. Non-nutritive sweeteners refer to caloric value less than 2% of the caloric value of sucrose.
Sucrose, as a traditional sweetener, has the following defects:
1. After eating, bacteria are easy to ferment in the mouth, and the result of fermentation is converted into acid, which erodes the enamel of human teeth and causes dental caries.
2. Participate in the metabolism of the human body, and insulin is needed in the metabolic process. Therefore, diabetic patients should not eat more, or even prohibit eating.
3. The sweetness of sucrose is low, it is easily converted into fat in the human body, making the human body fat, and it will also lead to the increase of triglyceride and cholesterol in the blood. Eating too much will make the human body prone to various diseases, and JL children eat too much If you eat too much sugar, your meal intake will decrease, so that nutrients such as protein, minerals, and vitamins will not be supplemented in time, resulting in nutritional deficiencies, which will affect normal development; too much sugar in young and middle-aged people will easily lead to fat deposition in the body, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases. disease, diabetes and other diseases; the elderly eat too much sugar, making
The content of vitamin B1 in the body is reduced, which greatly reduces the activity of nerves and muscles, which is easy to cause osteoporosis and fractures, and is also harmful to cardiovascular and other organs.
Therefore, in recent years, people continue to develop new sweeteners with high sweetness and low calorie value to replace sucrose, while sucralose
It is a powerful sweetener with excellent performance developed by humans.
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