Sucralose - how much do you know about food additives?

Sucralose is a white to golden white, odorless crystalline powder. It is a sweetener closest to sucrose. It has good thermal stability and has little effect on temperature and pH. It is used in baking process Medium is more stable than alitame, suitable for high-temperature sterilization, spray drying, baking, extrusion and other processes in food processing, with wide pH adaptability, suitable for acidic to neutral foods, and can mask unpleasant tastes such as astringent and bitter Effect: It is easy to dissolve in water, and it is not easy to produce foaming phenomenon when it dissolves. It is suitable for high-speed filling production lines of carbonated beverages. The sweetness presentation speed, maximum sweetness perception intensity, sweetness duration, and aftertaste are all very close to sucrose. The sweetness characteristic curve almost overlaps with sucrose. It has low calories, is not easy to cause dental caries, and has high safety.

The main reasons for the unqualified sucralose in food are: in order to increase the sweetness of the product, the production and operation enterprises use sucralose beyond the limit or range or do not accurately measure it during use.
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