Can sucralose replace sucrose in daily use?

Sucralose is a functional sweetener with sucrose as raw material, and it is also a sweetener with high sweetness. It is worth noting that the sweetness is very high, about 600 times that of sucrose.
In theory, it can replace sucrose, but the daily sweet substitute should not choose sucralose. This is the raw material produced by the food industry. It is only for daily consumption and for the purpose of losing weight. Here are some suggestions:
[1] To lose weight, it is a very right choice to strictly limit sugar. However, it should also be noted that white granulated sugar, fructose, fructose syrup, etc. commonly used in some foods are also reducing sugars. In addition, white flour, rice, Congee, which are eaten daily, are also foods that can quickly cause blood sugar and height. They should also be properly controlled.
In the diet, we can make a good match between the size of our staple foods, such as reducing the amount of daily rice and noodles, and increasing the intake of some coarse grains. In brief, refer to the following diet plan, which can achieve better health and fat reduction effect, especially for patients with diabetes
[2] If you like sweet food very much, sucralose is not the best choice. The following sweeteners can be tried to match:
Sugar alcohols: sorbitol, xylitol, erythritol
Sugar alcohols are also very good prebiotics, which can be used by probiotics in the intestines. However, they are not high in blood sugar and are not easy to cause dental caries. The spoon is recommended, especially if sucralose is used, it is often used with erythritol~
Glycosides: steviol glycoside, momordica grosvenorii glycoside
These two kinds of natural sweet ingredients are also very recommended, and are also widely used in medicine and food.
Stevia glycoside is a sweetener extracted from stevia rebaudiana. It does not contain calories and does not raise blood sugar. Its sweetness is 200-300 times that of sucrose, but it has a bitter aftertaste and grass flavor.
Siraitia grosvenorii glycoside is extracted from Siraitia grosvenorii. It does not contain calories or raise blood sugar. Its sweetness is 150 - 200 times that of sucrose.
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