What is the use of sucralose?

Sucrose (sucralose) is a white crystalline powder, which is a common food additive and medical raw material, and has the following uses:

Food additives: Sucralose can be used in candy, biscuits, cakes, beverages, etc. in the food manufacturing industry, as thickeners, emulsifiers, preservatives and additives to increase taste.
Pharmaceutical raw materials: sucralose can be used for drug coating, flavor masking, stabilizer, sustained-release agent and controlled-release agent. It can also be used as an anti-liver drug component.
Pesticide: Sucralose can be used as a pesticide to control pests on crops such as citrus and vegetables.
Industrial raw materials: Sucralose can be used as a component of industrial raw materials such as paint, ink and glue to improve the viscosity of paint and increase the viscosity of ink.
In general, sucralose, as a multifunctional compound, is widely used in food, medicine, pesticide and industry.

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