Application of sucralose in food processing

Three-gas sucrose has a high stability. In food processing, it should be added in any process in combination with the actual needs of the factory. It is not only convenient to use, but also has a good overall effect. For the content analysis of sucralose, high-pressure liquid chromatography should be adopted to directly determine the relevant data and information. The application of sucralose in food processing conforms to the market demand trend, and requires the product monitoring personnel to pay high attention to the dosage.
Sucralose is commonly used in beverages. Generally speaking, the amount of sucrose added in beverages is usually concentrated at 8% - 10%. If the ratio of sucralose to sucrose is based on the sweetness, 0.013% - 0.016% of sucrose trioxide needs to be added. That is to say, in a 1000kg beverage, at most 130-160g of sucralose can be added to ensure that the beverage has a good sweetness. In addition, the application of sucralose in alcohol or alcohol drinks has good effects. Adding a small amount of sucralose pond can improve the taste of alcohol drinks, effectively cover up the original sour taste of alcohol, improve the taste of alcohol, and make the wine harmonious without peculiar smell. The application of three-gas sucrose in nutritional drinks is a relatively new practice in recent years, which can mask the bitter and astringent taste of vitamins and functional substances. When sucralose is applied to lactic acid bacteria and fermented milk, it will not be decomposed by it and will not have adverse effects on the fermentation process. The overall effect is good.
Baked Goods
Because sucralose has the advantages of high temperature resistance and low calorific value, it is widely used in baked foods. The sweetness of sucralose products heated at high temperature will not change, and there is no measurable loss. It is common to add sucralose to baked cakes and candies. When the pH is 3 and the food added with sucrose trioxide is placed for 1 year, the storage rate of sucralose is only 2% ". When the pH is higher than 3, sucralose will hardly lose, and will not participate in the fermentation reaction, and will not affect the growth of yeast substances. It is also based on this, the application of sucralose in the low-pH food such as fermented lactic acid and yoghurt can give play to the advantages of sucralose and improve the taste of food.

Candied food
Sucralose was used in honey money food, and the added amount was controlled at 0.15 g/kg. This is mainly due to the good permeability of three-gas sucrose, which can avoid other reactions while ensuring the sweetness.
In addition, the three-gas sucrose is effectively controlled, and the maximum addition amount is 0.15~1.25 g/kg. It was applied to modified chewing gum with the addition of 15 g/kg. The specific standards are as follows: the addition of three-gas sucrose in cakes is below 1.8 g/kg, the addition of gum sugar is below 2.6 g/kg, and the addition of coffee and black tea is below 120 g/kg.
China has always taken sugar as food additive. With the improvement of people's living standards, sugar consumption has increased year by year. As a kind of food additive with high calorie and low sweetness, sugar is prone to obesity, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, dental caries and other diseases after long-term consumption, which seriously endangers human health. Sucralose has become one of the sweeteners that can replace sugar because of its high sweetness, low heat and excellent physical, chemical and biological properties. It can be predicted that the application of three-gas sucrose in food and medicine will be rapidly promoted.

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