Sucralose and its application in food

At present, the commonly used sweeteners in the food industry mainly include sucrose, saccharin, cyclamate, stevioside, aspartame, etc. Sucralose, as a new type of sweetener, has outstanding advantages and is highly respected and loved by food experts. The sweet taste of sucralose is very close to that of sucrose. It is very stable to heat, acid and alkali and has high safety. Under the situation of high sugar price, the use cost of sucralose is already lower than that of sucrose. It is one of the more ideal sweeteners in food production at present.

Sucralose sweetener is suitable for alcohol and alcoholic beverages. It has been proved by experiments that a small amount of sucrose trioxide can greatly improve the taste of wine products, cover up the sour and astringent feeling of some wine products, and make them taste fresh and sweet, mellow, harmonious and odorless.

Performance characteristics of sucralose: sucralose is a white crystalline powder with fine particles, pure sweetness, no bitterness and other peculiar smell, non-toxic side effects, extremely soluble in water, and the solution is clear and transparent after dissolution. Its sweetness is 400~800 times that of sucrose, its chemical stability is good, its sweetness remains unchanged at high temperature, and its pH value has wide adaptability. It can make the food have good sweetness from acid to neutral, and the crystal has not changed after 4 years of storage, so it can be widely used in food; Sucralose does not participate in metabolism in vivo. It is not absorbed by the body and does not generate heat. It is suitable for diabetics: sucralose is not used by caries bacteria and will not cause caries. Based on the above characteristics, sucralose has become the focus of research and development in the field of food and medicine.

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