New generation of healthy sweetener developed by human beings so far


Sucralose (CAS: 56038-13-2) is a new generation of healthy sweetener developed by human beings so far. It is also the only functional sweetener with sucrose as raw material

Its advantages: pure sweet taste, good taste; Without energy, the sweetness can reach 600 times of sucrose; With high safety, it is a high-quality sweetener in the world at present.

Used in raw fruit juice, carbonated drinks and other drinks. Using sucralose to partially replace sugar not only improves flavor but also reduces the cost of raw materials.

Product advantages:

Some scholars have studied the differences between sucralose and sucrose, aspartame, saccharin, and acesulfame in sweet, bitter, sour, volume, sweet and non-sweet aftertaste, and found that sucralose and sucrose have the closest taste sense, which indicates that the advent of sucralose represents the highest achievement of high-sweetness sweeteners. In some food production applications, aspartame tastes good, but it is easy to decompose and unstable; The safety of sodium cyclamate and saccharin has been controversial to some extent, and it is easy to produce post-bitter taste; The so-called "protein sugar" has different ingredients and poor safety, which is easy to cause saccharin and sodium cyclamate to exceed the standard; Sugar-alcohol sweeteners have low sweetness, high use cost, and greater heat absorption than sucrose. Although they are easy to produce a cool feeling, their taste is different from the sweet and ripe feeling of sucrose. The sweet taste of sucralose is very close to that of sucrose, and it is very stable to heat, acid and alkali, with high safety. Its main advantages are: high sweetness, 400~800 times of sucrose; It is safe and non-toxic, will not have side effects on human body, and has passed the FDA certification of the United States; Low calorie, can be used for people who cannot eat nutritional sweeteners, such as obese patients, diabetic patients, etc

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